Physiotherapy & Pilates for Veterans


How we work

You can book an intake with us where we will discuss which treatment plan is the best option for you.

You can either follow the medical training therapy which will involve physiotherapy & exercise therapy specifically based on what you need on a physical & mental level.

The other option will be to join a groupclass, this will be just for vets & will focus on breathing, mindful movement, stretching & strengthening muscles.

Please check your medical insurance for physiotherapy coverage as both of the above options may then be covered by your policy.


Coming from a background of military men & seeing the effect of combat trauma on people close to me i decided to try to help.

In 2014 i followed the Pilates for Polytrauma course given by Cameron Angus, who was an army physiotherapist for over 30 years & who had left the British army due to PTSD after serving in action in Bosnia, Iraq & Afghanistan.

Cameron taught me how movement therapy can really help vets, that not only the physical aspect is beneficial to the body, but the mental aspect too by helping management of PTSD. 

My aim is to set up a facility to help vets, to provide a safe environment where they can come to train, leave feeling better & therefore improve their quality of life.

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** Joseph Pilates was born in Germany - he was living & working in the UK at the time of WW1. Being German meant that he was taken to the Isle of Man & interred for the duration of the war. As a physically active man who was a professional boxer & self defence trainer for Scotland Yard, he was set to work as a medical orderly in one of the military hospitals on the island. During this time he developed his exercise method, working with the troops returning from the trenches with horrific injuries. So really, Pilates was made for soldiers.... commercially being known as an exercise method for predominantly women & in the theatre world for ballet dancers as we used it to prevent & manage injuries - Joseph Pilates used to notoriously complain that "those dancers ruined my method".

So as an ex ballet dancer & daughter of a man who served, i can give Pilates back to the vets that need it.