Our Medical Training Therapy programs are individually designed & are based upon the outcomes of the diagnositic tests carried out by the physiotherapist & the goals that you need to achieve.

We take a holistic mind/body approach & will help you fit your treatment program into daily life therefore making it easier to follow.

Each person we treat is unique so no two programs are ever the same.

Depending on your condition, the program will last for approximately 12 weeks. This is based upon the theory that this is the minimum length of time that the body needs to make neurological & muscular changes.

Obviously each body is different, so some people may need more time to achieve their goals whilst others will need less, this is something that we are transparent about & will discuss with you as a patient so you are aware of the length of the program needed.

The Medical Training Therapy consists of physiotherapy treatment, Pilates & exercise therapy.

The costs for this are 37,50 EUR per 30 minutes.

*Please note that you must be covered for physiotherapy by your insurance policy in order to be able to submit your invoice for (partial) reimbursement.

* We have a 24 hour cancellation policy - all appointments cancelled within this period will be fully charged.