How we work

Our programs include 5 basic steps.

1) Intake

During the intake we'll ask you to tell us your story, we'll then inventarise your goals together.

2) Physical examination

During this part of the session we'll be looking at your body regarding structure, strength & range of movement. The tests we will use are focussed on checking muscle length, strength, joint alignment & movement.

3) Diagnosis

We will share the above results with you, basing your treatment & exercise plan around them.

4) Training

Your training program will be designed specifically to meet your needs & will be made based upon your lifestyle - we will actively involve you in creating this program as this will give the best results.

5) Outtake

Here we will re-evaluate your physical status, repeating the diagnostic tests performed at the intake & throughout the treatment to objectively measure your improvement. We will then discuss a maintenance program for you to follow which will help reduce the chances of your injury/condition re-occuring.