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After birth our bodies change, adapting to the new situation of being a mum. Usually the pelvis will return to its “normal” state within a few months of giving birth, sometimes this takes a little longer depending on different factors in your life such as the amount of sleep you are getting, stress, your physical condition pre pregnancy and genetic factors such as connective tissue structure.

But for some mums, problems in the pelvic area and core can persist. You may have noticed that you have a "mummy tummy", or that you are experiencing urine loss and that you have lost confidence in your body. You may feel that your muscles, expecially in your core aren't as strong as they used to be and that you can't do all the things that you used to do.

All of these things could be indicators of diastase recti or pelvic floor weakness, which can occur after giving birth. 

We believe that no mother should have to experience these complaints without support, which is why we have developed a program of care specifically tailored for mothers. We combine physiotherapy and pilates to provide you with a recovery program tailored to your needs to help you build a strong post partum body.

We believe in supporting our local community which is why we work in partnership with Amsterdam Mamas to offer you the best possible care for your new body in its next phase. Apart from general physiotherapy, diastase recti rehab, we also provide matclasses and Pilates on the reformer.


To celebrate the arrival of our second reformer we are offering a 50 EUR reduction on our 3 month duo training program at 400 EUR pp for all Amsterdam Mamas.