Not everybody knows what they want to do for a living when they are younger, Bjorn certainly didn't. What he did know though, is that he wanted to work with his hands & he wanted to be challenged.

Lifelong Learning

Bjorn is a puzzle solver, he likes to figure out why things are the way they are. It's what led him from a career as a carpenter & gardener, into physiotherapy & onwards into teaching. It is the combination of practical physiotherapy & teaching which has given him the opportunity to challenge what is expected & explore new solutions. As a lifelong learner, he simply doesn't believe that you can ever know everything, what makes life interesting is the opportunity to keep learning.

It was while teaching, that Bjorn began to notice another pattern forming. As he worked with his students, he could see that when they faced challenges in their education, it wasn't necessarily their ability or physical skills which held them back, it was what was going on in their mind. He recognised this pattern in his patients too & because he loves a challenge, he started to learn more about how the mind is integrated with the body. Exploring this in his work, combining a whole mind & body approach enabled him to bring greater support to his patients & in turn, helped them to achieve even better results. Another piece of the puzzle had fallen into place.

The Road to Diastase Recti

Bjorn didn't ever plan to specialise in diastase recti, but once he was introduced to it, he knew it would be his next puzzle. In diastase recti he found a true intertwining of the mind & body, an intertwining which dramatically affected the results that patients could achieve. Focussing on just the mind or just the body wasn't enough. The problems his patients were presenting with needed to be approached from both sides.

By creating a calm, safe & welcoming environment for them to begin the recovery process, Bjorn is able to give his patients the support they need to guide them through the maze of healing.