I'm a Pilates teacher, a mother, former professional ballet dancer and Physiotherapy student. 

I am also one of only two teachers in the Netherlands trained by Lolita San Miguel, meaning that I received my Pilates training from someone who was trained by Joseph Pilates himself.



At the age of three my left foot turned in when I walked. My doctor told my mum to send me to ballet classes to help my posture. And from my first class, I fell in love with ballet.

By the age of 12 I had left Liverpool to study with Manola Asensio as a private scholarship student in Cordoba, Spain and at the age of 15 moved to London to continue studying at London Studio Centre on the Classical Graduates Course under Margaret Barbieri & David Wall. As part of our schooling we had to do Pilates on a daily basis, initially I didn’t like it, but throughout school and my 11 year career as a professional ballet dancer I came to recognise that it was Pilates which kept my body strong as I pushed it to its limits.


My ballet career ended when I became pregnant with my daughter and I made the decision to stop dancing.

In 2006 I retrained as a Pilates teacher, receiving a comprehensive certification from Debbie Jenner & Suus Wilms in Amsterdam.

After teaching for 3 years I was accepted onto the 2 year Master Mentor Program under Lolita San Miguel in NYC. Lolita was herself trained by Joseph Pilates and worked in his studio as a teacher in NYC.  The opportunity to learn from her was amazing and changed my perspective of what I could bring to my clients. I graduated in 2011, making me one of only two Lolita trained teachers in the Netherlands. In the same year I opened my own studio, started working with physiotherapists the year after that and in 2014 I successfully completed the Educator training for Lolita's Legacy, which allows me to train the next generation of teachers in the Pilates method.

Aligning pilates with physiotherapy

After running a commercial studio, I noticed that although happy with my work, there was something missing, I wanted to explore the Pilates method in a deeper way. What I had been given by Lolita was so precious, I decided to put it to use for people that needed rehabilitation.

As I began to study and explore the possibilities of the Pilates method I started to work with physiotherapists, they would refer their patients to me with a “wish list” of things they wanted me to address in our sessions. I delved into the traditional work that I had been trained in by Lolita to find solutions and then I taught it to my clients.  Not only was this in itself exciting to do, but gradually we noticed that our patients were recovering much faster than we had expected through their combined physiotherapy and Pilates programmes. 

After working so closely with the physiotherapists, i realised that i want to deepen my knowledge of the human body in order to become a better movement teacher. As of September 2016, i will be studying part-time for my Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy at Thim van der Laan School of Physiotherapy in Nieuwegein, Utrecht.


Going back to school has opened my eyes & revealed to me how helpful Pilates can be as a therapeutic exercise form. By looking at what i do from a different angle, i realise how much our patients can benefit from combining physiotherapy, Pilates & Medical Training Therapy as their form of rehab. Whether our patients come to us injured by dance, sport, motherhood or life in general we can provide the education and support they need to take back control of their bodies and to keep striving for health and strength.

If you are ready to Rehab Your Body, then I have the solution for you.